Certify your dog as a service animal 

With this service you can certify your dog as a psychiatric service animal, to serve in the course of mental health issues. 


How does it work?

In just one week* you can certify your dog as a service animal in 4 simple steps and enjoy the company of him traveling in cabin, goin into restaurants, hotels, supermarkets or wherever you want. 


*There are business days, with the following condition: Filling the test ASAP, taken an appointment with the psychologist is less than one day and take the online course in a maximum of 2 days.
If the user takes different times, the process will take more than the 7 business days, the length depends on the user and his self management of the process 

Step 1

Fill the psychological assessment and have a virtual appointment with a licensed mental health professional who will certify your mental health and the specifications of the dog service with a letter.

Step 2

Enroll into the virtual training platform to train your dog in the animal service dog skills required. 


Step 3

You will receive at home, the certification and the ID with a QR code that accredit and certify your dog as a service animal and is registered in our portal. 


How is the process?

Know in detail how the service works


Advantages getting the service animal certification


Traveling in cabin with your dog, without restriction and without paying additional fees, also works for cruises


Go to supermarkets, restaurants, hotels or airbnb, even if they do not allow pets


Having your pet freely in your residence, even if dogs are prohibited for your landlord

“Ha sido una agradable y satisfactoria experiencia haber contactado con ustedes para los trámites y entrenamiento de mi mascota, para ser una service dog, estoy muy satisfecha y los recomiendo altamente. Gracias.”

— Griselda

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